TOPS-20 Commands Reference Manual


The TOPS-20 Commands Reference Manual is an alphabetically-arranged description of all operating system commands (EXEC commands) available to the nonprivileged timesharing user of TOPS-20.

In addition, there are two appendixes for quick reference - a list of commands grouped by function, and an alphabetical summary of commands showing what variety of argument each uses and whether it calls a program or otherwise affects memory.

To use the TOPS-20 Commands Reference Manual properly, you should first read and understand the TOPS-20 User's Guide. The occasional summary of information you will find here cannot substitute for the more complete presentations offered in this manual.

In addition, you may need to reference the following manuals for more information related to operating system commands:

Conventions Used in This Manual

Underlined text
indicates what the user types in command examples.
means press the keys labeled CTRL and the specified letter simultaneously, for example ^C.
Ellipsis ...
means that items in a command line can be optionally repeated.
Carriage return
is implied in command examples.